Why You Still Broke in 2019

The Big Lie

This is the year of “do”

If you think positive thoughts positive things will happen… right? WRONG. You have heard this spoken a million times. You have tried it a billion times. But, for some reason it don’t work that well for you.

Why? Because thoughts alone don’t make things happen. You don’t believe me? Have you ever heard of someone losing weight by just thinking about it? Have you ever heard a bodybuilder build muscle with just their thoughts?

NO. Thoughts must meet action. PERIOD. I’m serious. If your thinking don’t meet your acting then you will soon find yourself lacking.

This Can’t Be So Gene NOOOO!!!

YES. It is so. It is so because nothing plus nothing equals nothing. There are those who will preach thoughts are things. But everyone that preaches thoughts are things does things to make sure their thoughts can buy things.

What are they doing? They are getting you to listen to their spill about how they thought things and mysteriously things happened. The law of attraction. What they fail to tell you is that even in nature certain materials are attracted to certain materials.

You can want to attract a new house to you, but if you ain’t working and don’t have any money than unless your Great Uncle Jethro dies and wills you something I can give you a sure fire prophecy… IT WON’T HAPPEN!

Here is another mysterious oracle… I see a bed, and a person laying in it. They sleep 19 hours out of the day… yet for one hour they think about money. Now I see you looking at me and wondering… tell me Gene what will happen?

(drumroll) Soon, their landlord (even if its their mama) will kick them out of the bed they sleep in and on a cold street where they will either sink or swim. LIFE takes money. But, money is funny. It don’t come to you. You got to woo money. You have to have game. You have to know what to say and when to say it. You have to do something.

BUT… what are you saying?

I am saying that everyone has a relationship with Mon’ey from the day of their birth. You have to spend time with it in order for it to want to spend more time with you. Get to know the things that Mon’ey likes and loves. Talk about the things Mon’ey likes and loves.

Take Mon’ey here and there and show it around. Mon’ey doesn’t expose itself easily. You got to build a ground with it if you want to take your “relationship” to the next level.

AND this is the Subject

This is why so many people are broke in 2019. They think money is a thing and don’t see it as a person you got to “get to know”. Also, they think if they think positive thoughts positive things will happen. But thinking without doing is useless.

A man can think about Halle Berry all day, it doesn’t mean they will get any closer to having a relationship with her. One must act to do, and one must do to act.

I really want to see people succeed this year, so I’m putting it all out there. I wish you the best in this new year.


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